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‘The mainstream media has been working overtime to position Putin’s Russia as our newest and most pressing international threat, and now even the most absurd events in media are linked to Russian interference. The reason why media is working so hard to create the impression that Russia is actively conspiring against is because conflict with the former Soviet Union is good for business.

If you had any remaining doubts that the world is being forced into perpetual military conflict so that a morally corrupt world elite can garner huge profits, then consider recent comments by members of the military industrial complex about the benefits of escalating tensions between Russia and the west.’

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‘Many people will have missed this story last week, buried under a number of other major international headlines. Details of new government-directed ‘Civil Defense’ measures were leaked to the German press. Western Europe has not seen such news since the height of the Cold War, some half a century ago. Is Berlin just being extra careful, or is there more to this story?’

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A global trade deal currently being negotiated in secret and involving 50 different countries could prove to be a serious threat to public services according to a briefing published today.

The Trade In Services Agreement (TISA) is a proposed international trade treaty between 23 parties, including the European Union and the United States. Unlike most trade deals, TISA is about services, not goods. The briefing argues that this means it will affect areas like labour rights, banking regulation and whether public services like electricity and water are run for public good or private benefit.

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‘British Home Secretary Amber Rudd has rejected French plans to scrap border control deals in Calais and allow thousands of refugees to move from the ‘Jungle’ camp to the English port town of Dover.

The disagreement comes as it emerges more than 27,000 people were arrested by UK police in the last three years for suspected illegal migration to Britain.

Rudd is set to reject French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve’s attempts to end the Le Touquet agreement, which allows for British border agents to work on the other side of the English Channel, especially at points of entry and exit such as the port of Calais and Eurostar terminals.’

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‘WeCopWatch activist Ramsey Orta is expected to turn himself in to prison in early October for charges he says were trumped-up following his filming of the death of Eric Garner.

The man who filmed the infamous video of Eric Garner’s death at the hands of the New York Police Department will soon become the only person who was present at Garner’s death to face prison time. Ramsey Orta is heading to prison for four years based on charges he says are a direct retaliation for filming Garner’s death.’

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‘Unfortunately for Smith and his team of supposed PR ‘experts’, Ms Robinson has just been suspended from Labour as part of the party’s increasingly bizarre attempts to ‘purge’ the party of Corbyn supporters.

As with others who have been ‘purged’ by the party, Ms Robinson has not been told the reason for her suspension.

So by “championing” disabled people – Smith seems to mean using them and then throwing them out on their ear without explanation.’

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‘There is only one surprise about John Godfrey’s proposal to scrap publicly-funded state benefits and replace them with compulsory ‘insurance’ – that it has taken the Tories six years to get around to it.

For the people earning the least, it would be a financial disaster. It’s all very well saying someone earning £27,000 a year could pay in £11 per month and claim 40 per cent of their earnings (£10,800) from an insurer over a 12-month period. Most people don’t earn £27,000.

If you’re on £13,000 or thereabouts, paying in the same percentage would bring you £5,200 over a year – less than the current level of Employment and Support Allowance (is this why it is being cut for those in the Work-Related Activity Group?), and an amount on which it is much harder to survive. Not only that, but there is no guarantee that an insurer will pay out the money when it is needed.’

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