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‘And wouldn’t you know it – it looks like Richard Gutjahr, the same Zionist photo-propagandist who was pre-positioned to film the Nice truck attack is now pre-positioned in Munich as well!

What are the odds that a guy with the background of Richard Gutjahr – married to a leading Israeli black operator – would “just happen to be there” to film the very beginning of the Nice truck attack AND today’s shooting at the Olympia Mall in Munich, Germany? Coincidence theorists will have a field day with this!

“The cameraman apparently pre-placed on the balcony to film the beginning of the truck attack is German journalist and blogger named Richard Gutjahr…who just happens to be married to Israeli potentate Einat Wilf, a former Israeli Intelligence Officer in Unit 8200 who served as foreign policy advisor to Shimon Peres, strategic consultant to MacKenzie and Co. in New York, and a general partner in Core Venture Capital in Israel. In 2007 she ran for the presidency of the World Jewish Congress. (The presence of highly-placed Israelis and friends in strategic positions to film terror events is getting out of hand…we saw the same thing with the Charlie Hebdo and Brussels Airport events.)”‘

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‘There is “no evidence” that the suspected gunman who killed nine people in a shooting spree at a Munich shopping mall on Friday had links to the Islamic State group, local police chief Hubertus Andrae said Saturday.

Munich prosecutors said Saturday that the shooter in the attack — named in the media as 18-year-old Iranian-German national Ali Sonboly, the son of a taxi driver — had been in psychiatric care and treated for depression. The attack appears to be a “classic shooting rampage” and not terrorism, the prosecutor said. Police said investigators suspect the gunman was “deranged.”’

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‘A bomb scare has forced the partial evacuation of the airport in Frankton, New Zealand, after a cleaner found a “message” about an explosive device on board a plane that landed in Queenstown Airport.

The note was found at about 3 pm local time on board a Qantas QF121 that had come in from Sydney, Stuff NZ reports. A police spokeswoman confirmed that “some sort of message about a bomb” was discovered on a plane that is now sitting on the tarmac, the New Zealand Herald reports.’

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‘Neither wing of America’s duopoly system has acceptable choices for any public office.

Trump running mate Mike Pence is a neocon Tea Party hardliner, an imperial war cheerleader, an evangelical supporter of Israel.

Clinton’s VP choice, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, is cut from the same mold – pro-war, pro-Wall Street, pro-corporate favoritism, pro-neoliberal harshness, pro-regressive trade deals like TPP, anti-labor rights, pro-serving wealth and power interests at the expense of most others.’

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‘What follows are just a tiny handful of quotes from this imperial psychopath who is clearly out to become the tyrant Queen who will keep the chopping block red and running with blood…ours and countless others the world over.

Make no mistake about it, we are at the final crossroads. Read ‘Crisis Of Character’ by former Secret Service White House Agent Gary Byrne and ‘Unlimited Access’ by former White House FBI Agent Gary Aldridge. Do a YouTube search for Hillary Clinton Lies and watch.’

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