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‘The Senate on Tuesday passed a measure that reaffirms previous legislation the Bush and Obama Administrations used to justify tasking the National Security Agency with conducting massive, and early on warrantless, electronic surveillance on Americans. Controversial provisions of the law that both administrations used to “authorize” such tasks – the USA Patriot Act – expired June 1, at which time the NSA’s surveillance programs were supposed to be shut down.

But, if the Senate gets its way, the agency’s program shut-down won’t last long.’

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‘Kiev will nationalize Russian overseas property as compensation for the losses over Crimea’s reunification with Russia, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Justice Natalia Sevostyanova said. The decision is now up to the European Court of Human Rights.

Ukraine will be able to use this effective instrument if the European Court of Human Rights rules in favor of Kiev, Sevostyanova told “Channel 5,” Ukraine’s National News (UNN) reported on Tuesday.’

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‘Israel is preparing to carry out a false flag operation in the United States and will blame it on Iran as a strategy to entangle Washington in a war with Tehran, a former US Senate candidate says.

“I have maintained from the beginning that Israel is planning and will in some point attempt a false flag incident probably within the continental United States that will be facilitated by Israeli intelligence and falsely blamed on Iran,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas.

“This lie will be repeated in the American news media time and time and time again to create the furor within the United States, with the American public for [triggering] an overt American attack on the Iranians,” Dankof told Press TV on Tuesday.’

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‘The universe doesn’t exist if we stop looking at it.

This is according a famous theory in quantum mechanics which argues that a particle’s past behaviour changes based on what we see.

Now, scientists have performed a new experiment proving this theory to be true on the scale of atoms.’

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‘Thousands of children – many of whom are British citizens – are subsisting on as little as £1 a day because their parents are migrants with no recourse to public funds.

There are 5,900 children in England and Wales living on the brink of total destitution because their parents cannot work or receive government benefits, according to research from The University of Oxford’s migration unit. Charities say the situation is pushing vulnerable children into “severe poverty and hunger.”

In almost a quarter of the families affected at least one child is a British citizen, researchers from Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) found. Some go for months without receiving any help at all, forced to sleep in cars, disused buildings or even on the street.’

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‘MPs deserve a 10 per cent pay rise which will see their salary rise to £74,000 because of the economic recovery, the parliamentary watchdog has said.

David Cameron has “strongly urged” Ipsa, the independent expenses watchdog, not to give new MPs a £7,000 backdated pay rise in coming months.

In response to the furore the watchdog has launched a consultation asking for “new and compelling evidence” on whether it should implement a pay rise.

However, the watchdog has said that it plans to push ahead with the plans and has argued that the economic recovery has justified its decision.’

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‘The CIA’s use of torture was far more “brutal and sadistic” than was disclosed in last year’s controversial US Senate report into the agency’s interrogation techniques, according to new information from a Guantanamo Bay detainee.

The newly declassified accounts of the torture of Majid Khan, a so-called “high value detainee”, describe in graphic detail how he was sexually assaulted, hung from a beam for several days without a break and half-drowned in tubs of freezing water.

The descriptions are contained in 27 pages of notes from interviews between Mr Khan and his legal team that were cleared for release by the US government on Tuesday, and first reported by Reuters.’

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‘More and more Americans realize the need to keep their information private and companies are responding to this demand.

Last year Google and Apple responded to this demand by offering their customers encryption technology that protects users’ privacy. The next big name to jump on the bandwagon of encryption is the social media giant, Facebook.

Monday morning, Facebook announced its own encryption service. According to the Facebook announcement:

To enhance the privacy of this email content, today we are gradually rolling out an experimental new feature that enables people to add OpenPGP public keys to their profile; these keys can be used to “end-to-end” encrypt notification emails sent from Facebook to your preferred email accounts. People may also choose to share OpenPGP keys from their profile, with or without enabling encrypted notifications.’

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