Kurdistan independence to lead to breakup of Iraq: Analyst

‘In less than two weeks, Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region will go to polls in a vote for independence. Iraqi parliamentarians have rejected the legitimacy of the vote and the central government in Baghdad which is strongly opposed to this move has said it will do everything possible to keep the unity of the country intact. Press TV has talked to Sa’ad al-Muttalibi, member of the State of Law Coalition, as well as Martin Jay, journalist and political commentator, to discuss the issue.

Muttalibi believes the independence of Kurdistan will lead to a “definite breakup” of the Republic of Iraq, emphasizing that the Iraqis will not accept the results of the upcoming referendum under any circumstances.

He also noted the leader of Iraq’s semi-autonomous region Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, is pushing for an armed conflict in order to gain control of the Iraqi oil-rich city of Kirkuk.’

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