Mega Royal Navy upgrade to include ‘Siri-style’ voice command in warships

‘Voice command programs in the style of Apple’s Siri could soon be installed in the UK’s Royal Navy warships, according to Admiral Sir Philip Jones, who said the fleet is moving towards a “new era of maritime power”.

On the back of a blueprint for future Navy shipbuilding which highlighted the importance of unmanned vessels, Jones spoke about naval strategy at a UK weapons conference Tuesday.

The senior officer told delegates of the Defence Security Event (DSE) in London that the next generation vessels will “shape the UK’s authority in the world”.

Speaking about the development of the Type 31e frigate, which will see a wave of £250m ships rolled out by 2023, Jones said it will feature new tools and apps.

“What this means in practice is that the Type 31e will feature different app based tools which can access the ship’s data. These will be operated from a series of touchscreen displays, Siri-style voice controlled assistants and perhaps even augmented reality technology,” he said.’

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