Brexit: Theresa May set for U-turn over EU's ability to influence British laws

‘Theresa May appears to be paving the way for a climb-down on her strict opposition to the European Court of Justice’s role in UK cases after Brexit.

Plans to be published on Wednesday will say Britain wants a deal with Brussels that only ends the “direct jurisdiction” of the court, as opposed to halting its influence outright as previously promised.

The subtle change in language leaves room for ECJ decisions to have more sway in British courts after Brexit and for the court itself to have an indirect role in some cases, even after any transition period is complete.

A Tory MP told The Independent the change is a case of “reality bites” for Ms May, opponents branded it a “climb-down” and “shifting the goalposts”, while European sources suggested it was long-expected in Brussels because her previous stance had been “untenable”.’

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