Zionism declares war on David Icke – with lies and gutless people


The Lowry Hotel in Manchester, Gladstone Theatre in Wirral, Merseyside, and Sheffield City Hall cancel events after outrageous misrepresentations of David by the North West Friends of Israel – and none of the venues even asked him to respond before their gutless deletion of freedom of speech.

The media repeated the lies – without even asking David to comment. The group behind the lies refused to debate with David when given the chance on radio.

Why is the Zionist movement – one of the most powerful on earth – so terrified of David Icke? After all, he’s just one man … right?

This is what ever more people worldwide are beginning to ask.



This is the Zionist censor group’s Twitter account … @NorthWestFOI

See if you think what is said there about Palestinians could be construed as racist.

Lowry Hotel: 0161 827 4000 – [email protected]

The Gladstone Theatre: 0151 643 8757

Sheffield City Hall: 0114 278 9789 – [email protected]

If anyone chooses to ask these organisations why they have such contempt for freedom of expression and their customers and why they can cancel an event on the say-so of extremists without even asking David Icke for a response please be respectful in the face of their blatant disrespect.

The methods and techniques of censorship by the North West Friends of Israel – and their like all over the world

‘Raphi Bloom and North West Friends of Israel (NWFOI) have also used diverse and underhand tactics to target people in solidarity with Palestinians. Two doctors in the Manchester area who supported justice for Palestinians were incorrectly investigated about their conduct by professional bodies – after intense lobbying by Raphi Bloom and NWFOI. This led to months-long harrowing ordeals for both women. Another activist had his reputation tarnished by showing a photo of him waving to a camera, and then spreading it around the internet with completely false claims it was a Nazi salute. Teachers and students at Universities have had to deal with the same baseless accusations.

Every single one of the claims was proven false, but this level of fabrication is grotesque enough for the damage to stick. Anti-Semitism is abhorrent and we should all be relentlessly opposing it, as we should with rising Islamophobia and any other form of prejudice. But claiming anti-Semitism to hurt people unjustifiably and silence criticism of Israeli state violence undermines and abuses the term. It is further undermined when North West Friends of Israel regularly allow people from racist groups like the English Defence League and British National Party to join them on their rallies, despite their very real history of Nazi sympathising and explicit anti-Semitism.’

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Please circulate far and wide … this is the link address: https://www.davidicke.com/article/420970/zionism-declares-war-david-icke-lies-gutless-people