Conservatives back fracking 'revolution' in the party manifesto

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‘The Conservatives have committed to allowing the controversial process of fracking for shale gas in Britain.

However, the party manifesto makes clear there will need to be public support for such schemes, saying local people will benefit financially.

Fracking has raised fears of the industrialisation of the countryside, and there are concerns it will bring online another source of fossil fuels despite the need to reduce carbon emissions.

Cases of air and water pollution has also fuelled opposition in the US, where the process is widespread.

Labour, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats have all said they will oppose fracking….

…“We will legislate to change planning law for shale applications. Non-fracking drilling will be treated as permitted development, expert planning functions will be established to support local councils, and when necessary, major shale planning decisions will be made the responsibility of the National Planning Regime.”’

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