Why the Conservatives' £8billion for the NHS may not be all it seems


‘“We are the party of the NHS.” Philip Hammond’s claim may have rung hollow for the more than 100,000 patients who were made to wait longer than 12 hours in A&E last year, but with the release of their manifesto, the Conservatives are again hoping to convince voters the health service is safe in their hands.

However this phrase – coined by the Chancellor in March as he announced the Budget – has not been repeated incessantly by Theresa May and her party, unlike other Tory mottos “strong and stable” and, in 2015, “long-term economic plan”.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is perhaps better known for silence than soundbites. It took him three days to respond to the devastating cyber attack that hit the NHS last week, and last winter, when ambulances were queuing outside hospitals, causing the Red Cross to declare a “humanitarian crisis”, he bolted down the street rather than take questions from a reporter.’

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