UK troops deployed in Estonia to ‘defend NATO’ from Russia


‘The first batch of British soldiers has arrived in Estonia to serve as part of the NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence on the borders of Russia and part of “wider efforts to defend the alliance” from the perceived threat from Moscow.

Some 130 soldiers from 5 Rifles RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire landed at the Amari airbase near Tallinn on Friday night where they were welcomed by the UK’s Ambassador Bubbear Theresa and the 1st Infantry Brigade commander of Estonian forces Colonel-Veiko Vello Palm.

They will now link-up with some 80 British servicemen who were sent in advance to prepare the facilities for the arrival of the soldiers.

In the coming weeks, additional British troops will be dispatched. A French contingent is also due, accompanied by tanks, reconnaissance drones and infantry fighting vehicles to form a 1,200-strong detachment.’

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