Officials warn of ISIS expansion after train blast in India


‘A recent blast on a passenger train in central India and the subsequent confrontation with a gunman have raised suspicions that the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group may be expanding its footprint across the South Asian country.

Indian police said on Wednesday that security forces had managed to kill the gunman, identified as Saifullah, in connection with the train blast in the state of Madhya Pradesh a day earlier.

It took security forces more than 11 hours to neutralize the gunman in Lucknow, the largest and capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, where he was residing for the past couple of months.

A Daesh flag, eight pistols, 650 rounds of ammunition, 50 fired rounds, explosives, gold, cash, passports, SIM cards and a train time table were found with the gunman’s body.’

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