Syria safe zones ‘a viable concept’ top US military commander says


‘During a trip to Beirut, US Central Command leader, General Joseph Votel, told top Lebanese officials that declaring safe zones in Syria would work once ground troops and other resources are in place. President Donald Trump has long promised such a policy.

On Monday, four-star General Votel met with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Defense Minister Yaacoub Sarraf to discuss military strategy against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and other jihadist forces in Syria.

Syrian safe zones would be “a viable concept” in “areas that have already been secured where we already have humanitarian and stabilization activities ongoing,” Votel said, according to Foreign Policy.

However, “You’ve got to have all of the resources,” Votel added. That would include ground troops, but the general reportedly did not go into specifics about which country or countries would provide the boots on the ground.’

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