Britain preparing ‘official’ anti-Moscow campaign – Russian embassy

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‘The Russian embassy in London says that the British authorities are looking to launch an official campaign against Moscow, based on what senior diplomats in Britain reportedly called a “concerted drive by Russia to undermine the UK.”

The embassy posted a statement on its website apparently meant as a follow-up to an article published by the Sunday Times in mid-December. The newspaper reported Whitehall’s growing concerns over Russia, including a perceived cyber threat, an alleged increase in spying, and the deployment of “useful” MPs and “propaganda.”

“Moscow is behind a concerted drive to undermine the UK through espionage, misinformation, cyberattacks and fake news, senior Whitehall figures believe,” the Sunday Times wrote. It added that Prime Minister Theresa May was soon to chair a National Security Council session “to examine Russian actions towards Britain and its allies and discuss possible responses.”’

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