Fracking protest bid to halt Barton Moss gas drilling

‘Anti-fracking protesters have attempted to stop a gas drilling rig arriving at Barton Moss in Greater Manchester.

Police cleared the road to allow energy company IGas onto the site, between Barton Aerodrome and the M62.

A man, aged 41, from the Glossop area was arrested on suspicion of obstructing police and the road, said a police spokesman.

IGas confirmed plans to build a vertical test well at Barton Moss but said they have “no plans” for fracking.’

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Protest against Fracking in Barton Moss and we will take your kids

‘Peaceful protest in Salford at Barton Moss has been taken to a new level by Greater Manchester Police. Children visiting the site have been targeted by Social Services citing “safeguarding measures” that prevent children from learning the real truth about important issues like FRACKING. Detained for the good part of an hour under secretive “child protection” Acts of parliament (not laws, in fact Act is a very informative name). Thank god legal observers were on site to record this behaviour.’