Pope Francis lashes out at world economic system for worshiping a ‘god called money’

‘On Sunday, Pope Francis discarded his prepared remarks for Mass after speaking with an unemployed father-of-three who, according to Reuters, told him that unemployment “oppresses you and wears you out to the depths of your soul.”

The pope improvised on this theme for over twenty minutes, saying “I find suffering here … It weakens you and robs you of hope. Excuse me if I use strong words, but where there is no work there is no dignity.”

“We don’t want this globalized economic system which does us so much harm,” he reportedly continued. “Men and women have to be at the center [of economic systems] as God wants, not money.”’

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The Jesuit Order – Programmed To Spy, Assassinate and Exterminate

‘The Order of the Jesuits were anathema only 2 generations ago. History has been rewritten and this murderous order is now portrayed as social reformers and educators. In fact, they are the military arm of the Babylonian Catholic Church and as you’ll see below are charged with the murder and annihilation of anyone or anything that gets in the way of the Vatican plan.

The subject is well worth investigation if this is new to you. Their tentacles reach into the halls of power everywhere, including US Presidents, the military, corporate and banking thugs, and power brokers worldwide. To have the first Jesuit Pope ever as the head of the Catholic empire at this pregnant time in history is no accident and does not bode well for humanity.

Understanding the background of the Jesuit Order is best done by exposing their oath. Much like the Mossad and hard core Zionists, they are ordained and sworn to do anything and everything necessary to further their unholy cause for world domination and control.’

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