The Lost Paradise

It was seen as the ‘Golden Age’ the age of Atlantis
Before you dismiss this and say it’s a myth
Remember the truth is stranger than fiction
Not at all based upon science fiction

It was said in tribal legends in our ancient past
A predator came to earth to set about their task
There are many different theories on why they were here
But it’s not based on love, but in the grip of fear

Tribal legends will go into areas many fear to tread
They’ve often described the moon that’s just like an egg
Legends say that the yoke was poured into the moon
This upset the fire dragons whilst in their cocoons

The moon was created in a far distant galaxy
It’s not always been there like we are all taught today
The moon was rolled across in the heavens above
It was done through sheer hate and not an act of love

This caused mass upheavals and great cataclysms
The barriers came up and we built this prison
The moon is described like a hollowed out earth
Everything is backwards and seems like we are cursed

This was around the time of the ‘Fall of Man’
Since that time our lives have gone down the pan
A war broke out amongst a whole host of entities
That were jostling for power and a way to gain entry

We were targeted from space for a very long time
By a renegade group of entities to commit a savage crime
The idea was to conquer and create a slave race
These entities also gave us their minds filled with hate

The reptilian brain which is part of our brain
Clearly indicates when our lives went down the drain
This acts like a transmitter inside the head
It makes us act like zombies as if we are brain dead

It acts just like a microchip just under the skin
Whichever way we turn we can never seem to win
Daily we are programmed from cradle to grave
Bound and tied together trapped in this cage

Yet others suggest that the moon is a spacecraft
I know this sounds far fetched and plain bloody daft
It acts like the ‘Death Star’ in the film ‘Star Wars’
To take over planets for the resources of course

Some even believe that these entities were here first
Lived in caves and underground bases way beneath the earth
The are many different names forthese reptilian creatures
Annunaki, Chitauri, Archons, all have reptilian features

A predator that came from the depths of outer space
That came here to divide and rule us here in this place
They gave us our religions and systems of belief
Fairytales and stories about the gnashing of teeth

Some even suggest that they are mining for gold
Who use us as tools to be bought or either sold
What we call money is based on worthless credit
But that’s the idea to get us more into debt

These entities also fooled us to think that they were God
But gradually it became clear that things were rather odd
We were fooled to think they had our best interests at heart
But little did we know their true intentions were to tear us apart

These creatures and entities have a lizard like appearance
Play havoc with our emotions and cause constant interference
These creatures have the ability to shape shift and morph
They don’t deal in empathy and have no remorse

We worship these entities in synagogues and church
It’s about time someone knocked them way off their perch
We think we worship God, but worship reptiles instead
Can you believe the bullshit we are constantly drip feed?

Doesn’t this just sum up the global elite
Who expect us all to curtsy, bow down and kiss their feet
Whoever said we should worship men in frocks and gowns
Can’t anyone see these folk are pantomime clowns?

These entities are those demons described in old folklore
Humans have encountered them many times before
These entities now possess the leaders of our world
Who sacrifice children to these God’s in other worlds

Andrew Nokes
March 2011-03-02