Evidence Nemo Was HAARP Created To Favor ‘The Elite’

‘We now have evidence that Blizzicane Nemo was another nasty HAARP created storm attack upon the New England area. Why TPTB continue to focus destruction upon this area remains a mystery as Nemo joins Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook school shooting as devastating events to take place within the past several months within that vicinity.

One look at the most recent map from HAARPStatus.com reveals magnitued frequency levels in the 10 range in the New England area where the storm took place.

Magnitude 6 to 9 – Significant change is expected. Anything over M7 is rare and special attention must be directed when readings go seven and higher. Severe storms are associated with this reading, which if a short spike can be a nearby event and a long duration and slow build being a large scale change.’

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