This is beyond a joke - the system in all its breathtaking arrogance, stupidity and idiocy ... when is an umbrella a tent?

I can understand why people like the professional buffoon London Mayor Boris Johnson would be confused (What’s my name? Where am I?), but come on it’s not rocket science surely?

Let me see if we can help the London police here who seem desperate to understand the difference between an umbrella and a tent.

Okay, first of all chaps … this is an umbrella:

… And this is a tent:

Do you get it now? Do we have lift off?

What this is all about is the callous, heartless, arrogant and brain-dead Establishment seeking to deny any shelter whatsoever in the rain and snow for a woman, Babs Tucker, protesting outside Parliament against wars of slaughter and conquest. The said Establishment employs foot soldiers called ‘police’ and ‘council staff’ to do its bidding while having as much contempt for them as anyone else.

They, in turn, are ‘only doing their job’ of harassing a decent woman doing decent things and causing her as much aggravation and discomfort as possible in the hope that they will drive her away or soft-kill her. These police officers and council staff would not dare hassle and pursue mass war criminals like Tony Blair who lied to provide the excuse for the slaughter of the innocent in Iraq or David Cameron for his reign of terror in Libya and elsewhere. But a woman peacefully protesting against all that – fair game.

Look in the mirror people in uniform, you ‘yes sir’, ‘no sir’ stooges of the system, and ask yourself if you like what you see.

And the British public look on or look away and let it happen because its ‘not my problem.

Knock, knock.

‘I wonder who that can be at this time of night, dear?’

Yes it is.


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