Rothschild Zionist Extremist, Obama Svengali And Son Of An Israeli Terrorist Tells Big Banks To Stop Supporting Gun Makers

Rahm Emanuel, currently Mayor of Chicago where murders went up during a handgun ban and down when it was repealed, doesn’t need to ‘tell’ these bankers publicly or in letters – he can do it at the next ritual. In fact, he would have told them many rituals ago that the letters were coming whenever he thought the timing was right. Sandy Hook – hey presto.

Emanuel and his father – a member of the Irgun terrorist group that bombed, slaughtered and terrorised Israel into existence.

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Rahm Emanuel’s Pedigree: Father Specialised in Bus Bombings in Palestine

‘You know, they still think I’m the President and not you.’

I know tea boy, and so I make the decisions while you take the flak for them and they think I am out of the loop in Chicago. Genius.’

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I’d stick to dancing, mate. It makes your evil intentions less obvious. Hey, but looking at those cold, callous eyes, maybe not.