Sandy Hook: 'There were three gunmen'

Whatever the detail of what happened at Sandy Hook there are far more questions than answers and there is quite obviously a whole other story which the official narrative is attempting to cover – as with Columbine, Aurora, Wisconsin … on and on.

All these children involved in the run up to one of the biggest Satanic ritual periods of the year – and one related to children – is no coincidence either.


Mayan calendar, Sandy Hook, Peace Prize Obama: Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters

‘You will not break free from the Matrix if you watch mainstream news or get your values and information from the White House. You can only be free if you first free yourself from toxic information sources which only seek to manipulate and control you. Turn off NPR. Banish the New York Times from your web browser. Turn on Natural News, InfoWars and the courageous David Icke and other alternative websites that genuinely seek the truth and dare to report it, no matter how eccentric or bizarre it may sound to the uninitiated.

Expand your consciousness to take in the sacred enormity of the universe around you, or you shall remain forever bound and diminutive in this soul journey we call “life.” Upon your death, your soul will review your life and declare, “Wow, you wasted the ultimate gift of life in a desperate bid to remain unremarkable.” But you do not have to continue on that path. You can change now by casting aside conformity and seeking reality.’

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