Superb exposure of the Columbine official story (lies): If you believe that what happened at Sandy Hook is what the authorities are telling you - watch this


Predictive Programming – Sandy Hook in Batman Dark Knight Movie

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Okay, I’ll translate this from the Orwellian: ‘You should only believe what we tell you and we don’t want anyone else telling you anything that we don’t want you to know

Hey officer, I’ve got a great idea – get McAlpine to sue them.


… And this is what the idiot in the hat means – the fascist state moves on as Facebook suspends account for questioning the official story of shooting

Where is the mainstream media in the face of this outrage against the most basic of free expression?

Oh, there you are.

What is David Beckham’s wife wearing today, chaps, and who won X Factor?


How fascinating.

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From 2002: Mass Killers and Medication