Harriet Harman - hypocrisy on a level that defies the imagination

The Labour Party deputy leader who campaigned for the weakening of child pornography laws says:

‘The horrifying truth is that while parents are watching Downton Abbey downstairs, their children are upstairs watching degrading images of sex and violence. We need to grasp this painful reality.’

What needs to be grasped here is the depth, the sheer unimaginable depth, of hypocrisy and nerve that it took for Harman to write that. Does the Daily Mail which published this crap expose the hypocrisy? You are having a laugh, right? What, with the record of Mail newspapers in trashing child abuse scandals?

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From 2009 Рproof of the scale of hypocrisy that we are talking about here: Harriet Harman under attack over bid to water down child pornography law

Harman with her friend, former Tony Blair Children’s Minister, Margaret Hodge, who was at the centre of a child abuse controversy in Islington, London.

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Margaret Hodge and the Islington child abuse scandal

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