Duchess of Cambridge Discovers Blue Blood in Her Own Family

What a shock! I shall take to my bed with smelling salts and sweet tea.

Only those with no idea how the game works and the vital importance of bloodline to these people (explained in detail in my books and at Wembley) could have believed the crap in the Kate Middleton ‘humble commoner’ cover story.

From my book, Remember Who You Are:

Kate must be bloodline otherwise they would not have let her near the place. I feel sorry for her entering the lair of this dark and despicable family. I hope she is okay, but who knows what Mr and Mrs Baphomet and their cronies and masters have in mind.’

‘Since the Duchess married into the Royal family, much has been made of her “humble” roots, with coal miners, a road sweeper and even a prisoner among her ancestors.

But when her first child is born next year, the third-in-line to the throne’s Royal pedigree will not be the only blue blood in the newborn’s family tree.

New research has revealed that she is related to one of Britain’s grandest families and can count a prime minister, earls and countesses among her kin. The news has been welcomed by the Duchess, who was informed of her aristocratic heritage during the first few weeks of her pregnancy.’

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