The blatantly fake tears of a blatantly fake man: how much lower can you sink than to act your image-making way through a speech about a horror that killed 27 people - 20 of them children?

Spot the genuine tears? No. Spot the B-movie acting? Easy.


But then, fake tears are part of Obama’s image-manipulating modus operandi. It is heartless people who have to act (see Tony Blair) – genuinely heart people don’t.

Where are even the fake tears, Obama, for all the children with brown faces that you have had killed week after week by drone attacks that you sign off and sanction?


Connecticut mass-shooting is the latest Problem-Reaction-Solution to justify laws against the ownership of guns when anyone intent on crime and mass murder will get access to guns no matter what the law

This long-term plan has involved staged mass killing after staged mass killing through the use of mind-controlled patsies and government agents with the goal of disarming the American people and overcoming the restrictions on this enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Why? The answer lies in a question: is it easier to impose a fascist state takeover on an armed population or an unarmed one? And another: why did the Nazis introduce gun laws before Jews were rounded up that banned Jewish people from the manufacture or ownership of firearms and ammunition?

To the state-sponsored Satanists behind this latest mass murder, the horror will also be a mass ritual sacrifice of children in the run up to the Satanic period known in Rome as Saturnalia – the worship of Saturn, the god/planet of death.

They Shoot Children, Don’t They?

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Manchurian Candidates

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‘Activist’ Michael Moore and Piers ‘I want to be a journalist one day’ Morgan, both fully-paid up members of the Cult of the Clueless, call for exactly what these shootings are designed to impose

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Call for Murder of National Rifle Association President and Supporters in Wake of Mass Shooting

Yeah, murder is wrong and so let’s kill some people in response.

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We will find that it was sanctioned by the state – but the point is taken …

And the same in every other country