I have had so much ridicule over the years for saying that Father George Bush is a paedophile and Satanist - the same with British Prime Minister Ted Heath and members of the Royal Family: but the fact is - it's TRUE

Now here is an American researcher with insider contacts and family connections to Satanism who is saying the same about Bush and warns of an upcoming Satanic child sacrifice in Denver, Colorado (one of the major centres for Satanism in the United States because of its location on the earth energy grid which allows that electromagnetic power to be harnessed in the ritual).

The alleged location of the Denver child sacrifice ritual on the night of December 21st/22nd

I explain the background to Satanism in great detail in my books and covered the subject at the Wembley event, but basically these demonically-possessed royal, political and corporate Satanists do the work of their other-dimensional ‘masters’ and interact with them during these rituals.

This man being interviewed here perceives the world very differently from me and believes in Jesus and Christianity – which is as far from me as you can get – and I may not agree with much that he says about a number of things. But from our very different directions we have both uncovered the same background to ‘elite’ paedophilia and Satanism and we all need to come together to put an end to this.

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Bush Satanic Rituals And Human Sacrifices

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The Biggest Secret – the book that exposed this whole subject in 1998, including the paedophilia and Satanism of Father Bush and the royal family and the murder of Princess Diana

The world is controlled by a global paedophile-Satanic network that I have been exposing now for nearly a quarter of a century and this shocking fact is at last beginning to dawn on ever more people.

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