The 9/11 Inside Job Conspiracy: Names, Connections And Details Exposed

Yes, never forget who is really responsible for this horror and its ongoing aftermath.

This is a brilliant piece of research and dot-connecting and is a must-watch to the end for anyone who dismisses the idea that 9/11 was a staged attack by the very forces that have used it to justify the transformation of human society through war, acquisition and the imposition of the Orwellian State.

The video exposes how the attacks were orchestrated and the colossal financial mega-frauds that were covered up by what happened that day – a staged attack that led to the deaths of some 3,000 people in New York and millions in the wars of terror and acquisition which have been justified in its name either directly or by implication.

Watch the facts, names and connections unfold and remember that the mainstream media, especially the BBC, American television and the print media in general, have spent the last eleven years repeating the official fairy tale while doing no research whatsoever and dismissing, ridiculing, condemning and undermining those of us who have said from day one that the attacks were an inside job designed, among many other things, to justify the imposition of state fascism under the cover of ‘protecting the public from terrorists’.

You will see in this film who the real terrorists were – and still are.


Dr Judy Wood – Where Did the Towers Go?

The energy weapon that brought down the towers.


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