Are we going to see political arrests over paedophile allegations at last?

Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairbank is ‘investigating allegations senior politicians abused children in the 1980s and used “connections” to escape justice.’

Operation Fairbank has been set up to investigate evidence presented by MP Tom Watson about a paedophile ring connected to 10 Downing Street during the administration of ‘a former prime minister’.

This is not to be confused with Operation Yewtree, the police ‘investigation’ into the allegations against paedophile and child procurer Jimmy Savile which has so far questioned no political or royal figures despite the long and incredibly close associations between Savile and the royal family and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

‘Scotland Yard detectives are looking into allegations that senior politicians abused children in the 1980s and escaped justice because they were protected by their powerful connections.

During past weeks officers from the Metropolitan Police’s child abuse investigation team have interviewed several adults who claim that they were sexually assaulted as children by MPs in a paedophile ring.

The team was set up following claims by Labour MP Tom Watson in the House of Commons that the police should look afresh at claims of a “powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10”.’

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