Who murdered key witnesses to North Wales paedophilia involving the rich and famous and political 'elite' in the arson attack at this house in Hove near Brighton?

Well, the ‘who’ might have been identified before he was killed himself (yet another ‘suicide’), but who was behind the who is more to the point.

The why? That takes care of itself.

‘Adrian Johns’ brother, Lee Homberg, had wanted to be an actor and hence had changed his surname. He received severe burns to his thighs and legs in the fire, and was, according to a close family friend, quite convinced that the fire was more than just a prank. Some of the partygoers knew about the gay sex and drugs scene which revolved around the former Bryn Alyn residents – including details of sexual liaisons with leading businessmen and politicians.

It has been suggested that Lee may also have accessed computer data detailing financial transactions between South Coast drug dealers and those running a porn video and rent-boy network. The week before the fire, John Allen [brutal abuser at a North Wales ‘care’ home and procurer of children for top political figures] met Adrian in the small Brighton flat he shared with his brother.

Both brothers had been asking Allen for “compensation” for their ordeal while they were in his care. They felt they had a legitimate claim. They had been gathering as much evidence as they could against Allen and may even have invited him to the party with the intention of “having it out” with him for once and for all. Allen didn’t show up.

After the fire Lee made a slow recovery from his injuries. He remained deeply angry about the way the coroner’s inquest into the fire had been handled. At the inquest, two of the families of the dead had walked out in protest at what was seen as the coroner’s seemingly inexplicable refusal to call the owner of the building as a witness.’

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