The world of the little boys in short trousers 'The Establishment' appears to be rather dangerous for some ... not least if you live in Hampshire

Who killed Hampshire MP, Stephen Milligan?

‘Curiously, the reported date of his death varies. His semi-nude body, wearing only items of women’s underwear and stockings, was reportedly found draped across a kitchen table at his London residence by his house cleaner, Vera Taggart. He was an infrequent resident at his London accommodation, staying more at his Hampshire home in Boyatt Wood. His London cleaner said after finding the body that she had not expected him to be at the premises.

Yet was his death an accident, or was it murder most foul, engineered in such a way as to besmirch the name of the victim from the onset and make it look like a bizarre sex ritual had resulted in death? It has been reported elsewhere in reports on the inquest that “murder was ruled out”. Haven’t we somehow heard that line before …? According to information released through government sources at the time, a piece of chord was tied to his neck from his ankles and a small segment of satsuma orange was found in his mouth.’

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In the same month, February 1994, that Milligan died in these bizarre circumstances something very similar happened to an investigative journalist with connections to British Intelligence

‘James Rusbridger, who died the same month as Stephen Milligan, was an ex-MI6 agent and respected investigative journalist specialising in intelligence matters. He was found hanging from a beam in his loft wearing a diving suit at his house in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall in February 1994. When his body was discovered, he was dressed in a green protective suit for use in nuclear, biological or chemical warfare, green overalls, a black plastic mackintosh and thick rubber gloves.

His face was covered by a gas mask and he was also wearing a sou’wester. His body was suspended from two ropes, attached to shackles fastened to a piece of wood across the open loft hatch, and was surrounded by pictures of men and mainly black women in bondage. Consultant pathologist Dr Yasai Sivathondan said he died from asphyxia due to hanging “in keeping with a form of sexual strangulation”.

It was reported shortly before his death that he had started work on a controversial book about the Royal Family. The text of the book has never been released, and there were various discrepancies and strange events connected to his death that were reported at the time but have never been fully explained – such as journalists being followed to his house by unmarked cars.’

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MI6 dirty secrets … why do sex games appear to feature in so many spy deaths?

‘Disposing of an enemy and making it look like a perverted fantasy gone wrong is in the training manuals of every spy agency from MI6 to Mossad.’

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Was Milligan’s death connected to this footballer and British Intelligence?

‘It was alleged … that Stephen Milligan was originally approached by the security services to attempt to dissuade a well-known footballer [Justin Fashanu] coming towards the end of his career from continuing to hawk his story of gay sex sessions with two then serving cabinet ministers around Fleet Street … Apparently there was more to the story than simply the gay sex aspect, the introduction of the footballer to the cabinet ministers was allegedly arranged by a third party who had very close links with an extremely powerful paedophile ring.’

This article also explores the background to the death of Wales national football manager, Gary Speed.

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(Justin Fashanu died in 1998. Verdict: suicide.)

What really happened to Prince Charles’ friend and Hampshire MP, Michael Colvin?

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Questions, questions, questions. So many questions, so few answers – up to now, that is.