Am I alone in asking this?

Lord McAlpine has secured out-of-court settlements totalling £310,000 from the BBC and ITV, neither of which named him in relation to paedophile allegations.

We are told that he intends to sue thousands on Twitter who mentioned his name or retweeted it.

But Steve Messham, the man who actually made the allegations in an unbroadcast part of the BBC interview, has faced no action whatsoever.

Anyone else think that is just a little strange and arse about face?

I have been in North Wales this week and there is so much more to know about what happened there in the period now spanning some 40 years and how it fits into the wider national and international paedophilia networks.

Steve Messham has a lot of relevant questions to answer about what he has said and done in recent weeks and a lot of former ‘care’ home children abused in North Wales would like to ask them.

So when are you available, Steve?

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‘Every Prime Minister needs a Willie’ – Margaret Thatcher

Willie Whitelaw was a close associate of Prime Ministers Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher.

Another question that people might be able to help me with … what involvement did Willie Whitelaw, the Deputy Prime Minister to Jimmy Savile’s pal, Margaret Thatcher (and husband, Denis), have with the notoriously brutal ‘reform school’ known as the Glamorgan Farm School in Neath, South Wales?

Contact me if you know at [email protected]