Paedophile MP Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile were close friends for four decades

The symbiotic relationship between a paedophile MP and a prolific procurer of children for the rich and famous, including royalty.

But yet again we hear the same old crap about ‘if it happened today it would be different’. Bollocks. It IS happening today on the same scale and greater and those involved are still not being arrested any more than the common-knowledge paedophile MP Peter Morrison was exposed by his colleagues in Margaret Thatcher’s inner circle for 15 years.

I have no confidence whatsoever in Operation Yewtree, the alleged police investigation into Savile’s activities over decades, in terms of going for the biggest names involved with him – his Establishment ‘clients’. We will know if it is genuine when officers of the Metropolitan police knock on the door of Buckingham Palace given the royal family’s extraordinarily close relationship with the sleazy, creepy Savile, and the same with those involved in the Thatcher years when Savile was so close to the ‘Iron Lady’ and her sleazy spouse, Denis.

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BBC refuses to release all the evidence from licence fee-funded report into Savile scandal

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Rabbi ‘forced 12-year-old girl to perform oral sex on him after parents sent her for counseling after she questioned sect’s teachings by reading Cosmopolitan’

The world is utterly bonkers.

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