You are overcooking the pudding, McAlpine, and more and more people are starting to see it

Such kind, loving eyes that only care about the ‘greater good’. How lovely.

This arrogant man who has ‘never told a lie’, despite being in politics so long, is not planning to sue thousands of people on Twitter for himself, but ‘for the greater good’ (well, that’s a bloody first, McAlpine, when did you discover that one?)

Here is a man who could not have been given more massive publicity about his claims, and widespread acceptance, of innocence over suggestions of paedophilia, and a man who has enjoyed standing ovations at public appearances as a result. But he still wants to pursue every last penny and every last submission to ‘clear his name’.

That would be the ‘name’ of the leading light in the ruthless and merciless Thatcher adminstration, would it? The one infested by paedophiles like Sir Peter Morrison, connected to the North Wales children’s homes abuse scandal, whom McAlpine nor anyone else – Thatcher, Whitelaw, Brittan, etc. – did anything about?

Yes, and so should Thatcher and her inner circle like McAlpine … see Paedophile Rings and 10 Downing Street

This is Chester MP Peter Morrison, a key Thatcher aide throughout her 15 years as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister between 1975 and 1990, and no-one did anything to ‘out’ this known paedophile or fire him in all that time, including Lord McAlpine who was Conservative Party treasurer and closest of Thatcher aides in the same period from 1975 to 1990. Thatcher and McAlpine didn’t know? Pull the bloody other one.

Tell us McAlpine why you and Thatcher did nothing to expose and remove known paedophile Morrison from the inner circle – that would do more to ‘clear your name’.

Tell us why you didn’t sue Scallywag magazine over shocking North Wales paedophile allegations against you in the 1990s when sitting Prime Minister John Major, a man you know very well, sued them for simply printing rumours of an affair when it turned out later that he was actually having one.

Explaining that – credibly – would do more to ‘clear your name’.

Tell us why the man who ‘never told a lie’ published a book explaining how to manipulate the media for your own ends – ‘Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.’

Explaining that would do more to ‘clear your name’.

‘Is my name cleared yet?’

So far McAlpine has been awarded £185,000 by the BBC for an interview that did not name him and he is reported to be seeking some £500,000 from ITV for an interview that did not mention his name! This is even before he says he is planning to sue thousands on Twitter.

That is the best part of a million pounds that he is looking at – maybe more.

Criminal Injury Compensation Authority basic payout to people who are raped: £7,500

Compensation for the hundreds of victims of abuse in North Wales children’s homes? Next to sod all.

What is going on is absolutely disgusting.

‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks’ – Hamlet Act 3, scene 2

Hey, Tweeters Galore … You Are Not Going To Let This Arrogant Man’s Intimidation Turn You To Jelly Are You?

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McAlpine to seek larger ITV payout

Have some balls ITV and get off your knees for goodness sake. Who do you think you are – the BBC?

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McAlpine and the North Wales Child Abuse Photographs

‘I hate to be the first to observe this, but lest we forget, James McAlpine was related to his Lordship, and there has to be a question-mark over why the innocent peer Alastair McAlpine didn’t come forward earlier.

The idea that Lord (Alastair) McAlpine didn’t know Jimmie – and wasn’t aware of his proclivities – is only credible if one accepts the concept of the former being deaf and blind to family matters for five decades. Jimmie chaired Alfred McAlpine, and the current Lord McAlpine is a cousin.

There seems to me a strong possibility that Alastair kept quiet to protect the family name. So when he says today that he is “saddened that the media could sink so low”, I’m not sure we should take that assertion entirely at face value.’

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McAlpine Twitter action ‘a wake up call’, says Labour deputy leader Harman who campaigned for weaker laws against paedophilia

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Harriet Harman under attack over bid to water down child pornography law

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Harman is also demanding regulation of the British media as a result of the Leveson Inquiry into press standards – see the Sun story below for the background and significance of that.