Paedophile Rings ... And 10 Downing Street



Thatcher, Whitelaw, Brittan, McAlpine and all the rest didn’t know about key Thatcher aide and paedophile Morrison? You are kidding me.

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I have decided this morning that on this occasion I am going to make this week’s newsletter widely available because the subject and the information and dot-connecting involved needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

We now have a rare opportunity to expose the staggering levels of paedophilia that exist throughout politics, the law and the ‘system’ in general and so bring justice to so many shockingly abused people while protecting through that exposure and awareness many more children currently going through experiences that defy the imagination.

I am sure that subscribers will fully understand why I have decided to do this.

PLEASE take the time to read this comprehensive article and watch the videos and read the links which are an essential chronological part of the narrative, and then please circulate it to everyone and anyone short of spam that you think would be open and interested.

Thank you.

The town of Chester, 13 miles from the North Wales ‘capital’ of Wrexham, is a key location from which so much exposure will come. Who was the Chester Member of Parliament? Who went there? Who did they meet when they went there? Where did they stay? And what did they do while they were there?

Margaret Thatcher’s paedophile politics.

Behind the scripted morality – a cesspit.

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