You are a disgrace Time Warner - the 'Conspiracy Theory' show that seeks to discredit genuine revealers of the truth

Better get on CNN quick, Jesse – Piers just called. He hasn’t had breakfast yet and he says you’ll do.’

I am told that Global Cabal media giant Time Warner took the programme made about me due to air on truTV’s Conspiracy Theory series nearly a year ago and re-edited the footage in an attempt to do me maximum damage when it aired this week. Of course, their angle was the reptilians and intelligent people are going to ask themselves this question: Why would a global media empire like Time Warner (long exposed in my books) want to go to so much trouble and to such lengths to damage me if what I am saying is so crazy?

Wouldn’t it make more sense that they would go to so much trouble because they want to destroy me for the very reason that what I am saying has validity and they are desperate for people not to see that?

Comments by Alex Jones in the Ventura/Time Warner excuse for a programme have even been edited to say what he did not say in the totality of his interview, as he told me himself. He has said publicly since the show aired that his comments were misrepresented and how he supports the work that I do.

Why would a programme supposedly ‘revealing conspiracies’ manipulate footage to make one high-profile researcher appear to attack another when that is not what he did? To drive a wedge between us? Wouldn’t you so love that? Well, bad news chaps because it hasn’t worked.

Think about it. Time Warner have taken to the national American airwaves to attack a ‘nutter’ who talks about other-dimensional reptilian entities manipulating human society. Does anyone with a mind of their own really think that this would be done unless I am speaking a truth that they don’t want people to take seriously?

But they have bitten off far more than they could ever chew. Time Warner are not a giant to me, but simply pathetic and grotesque. There is nothing in all infinity that can destroy me if I won’t allow it – the same with everyone – and certainly not Time Warner nor the idiotic global cabal that owns it and directs its programming.

It will blow up in their faces. Those with ears will always hear, as with those that have eyes to see.

A global organisation this big feels the need to specifically attack little ‘crazy’ me? But then I am not ‘little me’ and I am not crazy.

And those well beyond the moronic and idiotic programme-makers and ‘where am I?’ front men like Ventura know that.

So what am I saying that they think is so dangerous and must be discredited? Try the ‘R’ word.

One Viewer’s Response

‘I lost complete respect for Jesse Ventura last night. Clearly he wasn’t prepared and was a bully.

He was like a friggen Gestapo man interrogating you and then not giving you a chance to answer a question. It was poorly edited too. I don’t know how long the interview was but he made it all about money. He showed a graph of how much money you make coming up with a figure of 2 million a year, and called you rock star charging rock star prices for your events. We know that people don’t pay hundreds of dollars to attend your events. He’s a liar.

To your credit they showed articles saying David Icke was right. The rest of the episode was VERY cheesy. There was a woman who said that she was a reptile and she spoke reptilian. OMG so ridiculous. Another woman met him in a cave which was nuts. He made fun of that but she was serious as she said that the leaders were all shape shifters and are reptiles. She was clearly dressed incognito.

When it was over, I thought that Jesse did this for ratings which ruined the credibility that the show had. He has his son on the show and the son of Oliver Stone who is the one that told Jesse that reptiles and shape shifting is the number 10 conspiracy and that he needs to look into it. Oh and the show was edited to make Alex Jones as if he didn’t like you. Again it was manipulated and edited for drama.’

This is where I live, Ventura – How About You?


How about him? … Jesse Ventura’s house …

I’ll swap assets with you Ventura. Deal?

Time Warner, truTV, Jesse Ventura, and Conspiracy Theory – hypocrites the lot of you.

But thanks for the publicity. Eyes that can see will still see – and certainly see right through you lot.