Savile 'the tip of the iceberg'

‘Savile’s BBC colleague David Icke, who went from respected broadcaster to laughing stock, was at the forefront of such claims in the Nineties when he named Savile and others as paedophiles.

Icke claimed Savile supplied children from Jersey’s infamous Haut de la Garenne care home to a senior British MP. Savile denied knowing the home, the scene of a police investigation in 2008 that uncovered widespread child abuse. He lied. There is pictorial evidence of him there.’

I never met Jimmy Savile at the BBC, but I was told all about his paedophilia and necrophilia by a royal insider in the 1990s. The senior ‘British MP’ that is mentioned here is former Prime Minister Edward Heath (seen above with Savile). I named Heath as a paedophile, Satanist and serial child killer in The Biggest Secret in 1998 – seven years before he died.

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