Relationship between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey 'breaks down' - did it ever 'build up'?

Michelle: ‘Listen to me you jerk, I made you president, right, and if they knew what I knew you would be in jail. But then so would I.’

Oprah: ‘Oh my God, I thought he was the Lord, but he isn’t – he’s just another fraud like me.’

‘The book, The Amateur, written by Edward Klein, the former editor of the New York Times Magazine, portrays the First Lady as jealous of the access and influence the talk show host had over her husband. It also suggests Mrs Obama criticised Miss Winfrey’s weight.

Mr Klein claims that despite an initially warm relationship, the friendship became fractured shortly after Mr Obama’s election victory.

It alleges that Valerie Jarrett and DesirĂ©e Rogers, advisers to Mrs Obama, became concerned at how close Oprah, whose support for Mr Obama in 2008 was seen as crucial, was becoming to the First Family.’

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