The Atzmon Defamation League (ADL)

‘At the bottom of that page you will find the current and most updated list of individuals who believe that the Palestinian solidarity movement should operate as a Stalinist synagogue. The Atzmon Defamation League is a list of a few Tribal Marxists and one angry Arab collaborator who added their name to an open declaration. They all agree that Atzmon should be silenced.

Amidst the success of my latest book The Wandering Who and my current USA coast to coast tour, the Atzmon Defamation league is in a state of a panic. They have a good reason: my very simple message spreads very fast, and it questions — If Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and its tanks are decorated with Jewish symbols, then aren’t we entitled to ask who are the Jews? What is Judaism? What is Jewishness? And what are the relationships between those three?’

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