What is going on with the Moon?

We post this email because others have reported the same experience.

Good evening,

… lunar observations this week … the moon was completely unaffected by the clouds. But what I have observed all week is that when any lightweight/middleweight clouds are about to pass in front of the moon, the moon briefly brightens for about a second, and then returns to normal “volume”, but the clouds do not cover it – they form a circle for the moon to shine through.

When the clouds are heavy and dark, they do blot out the moon, although there remains more “background light” than perhaps could be expected. I have also noticed a regular dark shadow/craters on the moon (between 4 and 5 on the clockface) which I do not recall having seen before. Additionally, there is often a chemtrail just below the moon in the sky when I set off on the milk round.

Interesting too that the “attempted tornado” in Brittany – not that far from us here in the Channel Islands of course – was also this week.

Also on Monday when it was heavy cloud here in the afternoon and quite blowy, there were at least two occasions when the moon suddenly appeared brightly without any warning or apparent gap in the cloud cover for about a second.

All very strange…