The Evolution of Revolution: Occupy Your Home

This is what David Icke has been calling for and campaigning for around the world since 2008.

‘This week Occupy Wall Street has taken an interesting turn that pushes the movement in a whole new direction. Most of the original camps may have been disbanded, but it is becoming apparent that this was a blessing in disguise. If anything, the establishment should consider those original encampments a warning shot, because they were only the first phase in this new American Revolution.

After being treated like animals by militarized police for exercising their right to free speech, many of the protesters are learning that begging and pleading with this kind of corrupt organization is not going to get them anywhere. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with asking nicely first, right? That surely would be the respectable thing to do, so we can definitely understand everyone wanting to play nice at first.

However, playing nice and “working within the system” all comes to an end when the politicians are just laughing while they send in their goons to violently attack you.The only way that “we the people” will truly win this revolution is if we take matters into our own hands in a series of small battles where we call the enemies bluff every time they attempt to assert their illegitimate authority.’

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David Icke on Occupy Your Home in 2010


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