Stan The Sham, And True Love

‘Today, Terrible Truth escorts you through the actual ‘Obama Birth Narrative’.

Don your hard hat and safety goggles. Pack plenty of aspirin. Once the lies start flying, it’s going to be rough going.

For the Truth is: there is no such person as Stanley Ann Dunham.

“Stanley Ann Dunham” was invented to hide the girl that “Barack Obama” judged America would never accept as the mother of a President. A 1950′s girl whose behavior, politics, and lifestyle wouldn’t find much approval, even today.’

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Is Putative President Barack Obama’s Mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Really Jo Ann Newman?

Why would Obama tell us that his mother’s name is Stanley Ann Dunham when it is really Jo Ann Newman, a white teenage girl from the Bronx, New York, who according to Ms. Trowbridge was Malcolm X’s teenage lover and devotee?

Is Obama telling us a lie about his mother’s true name because he wants to hide his own real identity?

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