Winston Churchill Was the Bankers' Go'fer

‘Winston Churchill who led Britain into two world wars with his famous “victory” salute is still revered by many people and in a recent rigged newspaper poll was voted Britain’s greatest Englishman.

Winston has been exposed as a long term Zionist puppet, and served their interest before that of Britain, and whom has been shown to be from documental research and Humint, (human intelligence) to have been a Druid priest, a one-time fringe spiritualist and member of the Golden Dawn, and most damning of all, a 33rd degree Mason. Masonry is universally accepted as racist, anti-Christian and a secret elitist anti-democratic organization.

His “V” salute is a recognized greeting of the horned god, the symbol of the Devil worshiping Illuminati. The initial “V” is the 22nd letter in the alphabet, a sacred number in Hebrew numerology, and corresponds in the tarot pack to the major arcana. Winston changed sides in his political career four times. His skills were on offer on several more occasions for the right price. He was known in the House of Commons as ‘The Shithouse’ from his initials WC.’

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