Kate Middleton: Death Wish or Self Sacrifice?

‘Kate Middleton is set up for failure. First of all, her hubby is the ascending “lizard in charge” in whatever way you want to conjure that. Charles ain’t gonna happen, and this William-Kate frenzy is enough phony spin to make you wanna puke. I can hardly imagine the empty, dark lives of these shills, permanently propped up by the adoration of hypnotized zombies. If it weren’t for the worshippers they would have no reason to exist. Key point.

Surely they don’t sleep well.

Meanwhile, conspiracy Christiandom is calling William the Anti-Christ, while other theorists watch his “mount to immortality” wondering if he’ll christen or kill the last Pope, or morph into Baphomet himself and writhe on a City of London pedestal like the red dragon the Controllers adore. It’s all so bizarre yet believable.’

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