'US to Use al-Qaeda as Allies in Libya'

‘The US frustration over the Libyan war has forced Washington to consider supporting al-Qaeda operatives and deploying ground troops in the North African country, a political analyst says.

“I think the US forces and NATO forces are becoming frustrated [in Libya],” said the editor of Pan-African News Wire, Abayomi Azikiwe, in a Press TV interview. “The US has seen the futility of the air operations against the Libyan government. This is for the simple fact that it has not been able to win any territory for the opposition forces in the Eastern part of Libya,” he added.

“That’s why General Ham who is the new Commander of the US African Command came out several days ago, and said he does not rule out the deployment of ground forces in Libya,” Azikiwe pointed out.’

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There ARE no ‘enemies’ in the ‘war on terror’ because (a) there is no ‘war on terror’, only a war on freedom, and (b) the whole manipulated movie is based on my enemy’s enemy is my friend – in other words, what suits us to do and say at the time we will do and say.