Social Services Mafia Seek To Steal These Home-Schooled Children From Loving Parents Forcing Them To Flee The Country

Social Services Mafia Seek To Steal These Home-Schooled Children From Loving Parents Forcing Them To Flee The Country

Please support them – we must stand together to stop child abduction by the State which is happening all over the world on a staggering scale

‘Our children are very much loved by us and the rest of our family, we would never do anything to harm them or put them in danger. If we had stayed in the UK they would have been placed in the foster care system then most likely adopted without our consent.

We have had to leave behind our home, our pets and our family to protect our children from these people. We have not commited any criminal offence or even been accused of anything yet they can still get court orders to place our children into care. We will not be bullied to return to the UK while they are threatening to take our children. We will take whatever steps necessary to keep our children safe, as any loving parent would.’

Are you listening Claire Bishton?


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Hemsworth Social Services Stole my Kids on Lies



David Icke and Bill Maloney at UK Rally Against Child Abuse 2010 – If We Don’t Come Together And Make A Stand On This Now It Could Be Your Kids Or Grandkids Next 


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