'Protocols of Zion'-- Damage Control

‘In the Protocols, they boast that anti-Semitism is used to “manage our lesser brethren.” They fund anti-Semites to ensure that all Jews are blamed. By linking their demented conspiracy to all Jews, they used them as Trojan horse, human shield and human sacrifice. Many gentile anti-Semites oblige by blaming all Jews regardless of individual responsibility. (And these critics have great moral pretensions.)

I speak for Jews who oppose this secret plan which was concocted by Cabalist bankers and rabbis centuries ago and revised periodically. These self-appointed Jewish leaders have put all Jews in jeopardy.¬†They¬† are establishing their world tyranny by stealth — manipulating current events, re-engineering society and controlling perception.

All Jews will be blamed for the disproportionate role many Jews play unless more speak up and are counted.’

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