Cheryl Stannard, the loving mother being persecuted by the British establishment, was remanded on bail for 'child abduction' until September at Portsmouth Magistrates Court yesterday

It was yet another grotesque glimpse at the ‘justice’ system at work – cold, callous, arrogant, ignorant of the law, and indeed a law unto itself – with personnel to match. 

Another day when a loving mother was treated like a piece of meat and those in the dark suits and dark gowns, including the ‘bench’ (bank), revealed themselves once again to be, well, cold, callous, arrogant, ignorant of the law and indeed a law unto themselves. 

All posh accent with hyperactive tendencies. Must go down well at the ‘club’, though.  

‘Jolly good, top hole, what, eh Clerk? Basic humanity and empathy? What’s that? Sign the bail form before you go, Ms Stannard.’ 

Thank-you to all the humans who turned up to support her and her lovely, decent human being barrister. Not everyone involved in the law is a self-serving shit bag.

Just most of them.