The Most Blatant Cover-up: Corrupt or Incompetent Pathologist, Now Under Investigation, Used to Stop Prosecution of the Police Officer Who Clearly Killed an Innocent Man at the G20 Summit in London

This is the incident in the video below when news vendor, Ian Tomlinson, was attacked and thrown to the pavement by a thug police officer, PC Simon Harwood, a member of the Metropolitan Police’s territorial support unit, and a few minutes later he collapsed and died. 

The (government-controlled) Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) says that, despite two other pathologist reports contradicting the corrupt one, they would be unable to secure a conviction against the officer.

BULLSHIT – cover-up, cover-up, cover-up, by a sick and corrupt establishment. 

Watch this footage and note that the authorities won’t even charge PC Simon Harwood with assault.

Mind you, when you can shoot an innocent Brazilian man seven times in the head at close range while fellow officers hold him down and you later get promotion, not prosecuted, you know what you are dealing with … Fascism, Fascism, Fascism.


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