BBC 'Spikes' Holly Greig Story

‘In the October 2009 print edition of the UK Column, we reported in our article “BBC Hides Truth of Girl’s Sexual Abuse Ordeal” the shocking ordeal of a girl with Down’s Syndrome, Hollie Greig, who was horribly abused by an Aberdeen pedophile ring, over a period of ten years. After investigating and planning a documentary, the BBC abruptly dropped the case, despite admitting that Hollie was a reliable and accurate witness. It is important to stress that both the police and qualified medical experts have described Hollie as a competent and entirely honest witness.

From the age of just six, Hollie was repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie. Later, Mackie began sharing his daughter with a gang of pedophile “swingers” that has been operating in Aberdeen, Scotland for many years. The identities of a further seven child victims are already known. There is no question that the gang is well connected, efficiently organized and totally ruthless.
Our frightening story is that they are protected by individuals of “high standing” within the Scottish establishment. ??In 2000, after 14 years of terrified silence, Hollie eventually told her mother, Anne, about the abuses. Formal statements were made to Grampian Police, providing all the horrifying details and the names of the abusers. They included a senior Scottish Sheriff, a policeman, social workers, a nurse, a solicitor, an accountant, a fire officer, married couples and others. Other children were sometimes involved, including children of the pedophiles themselves.’