(Part Two)
The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out on Sunday
Obviously, to a very large extent the imposition of religion is about suppression of thought and perception and the imprisonment of the mind. Put another way, it is about programming people with one belief which then defends itself from all other possibilities – ‘Jesus is our Saviour and there’s nothing else we need to know’.
But there is another role for religions that is so clear to me as I follow the rabbit hole ever deeper. You hardly ever see it talked about and yet it is vital for people to know. The religions are also a power station network to provide human energy to feed ‘the gods’ that were worshipped openly by the ancients and now indirectly by the deity followers and devotees of today.

We cannot see the energies that these ‘gods’ vampire from the human population, but we can feel them. When you feel emotion, say fear, you can feel the energy charge passing through the body. You can feel the density of body-energy as it ‘freezes with fear’. You can feel the ache in the belly when you are worrying or anxious. You can feel the pressure in your chest when you are ‘heartbroken’.

This energy is often described as ‘vibes’ – the good and bad ‘vibes’ that we feel emitting from people we meet.

If we could switch our frequency to see deeper realms of reality, we would see that what we are feeling on the ‘physical’ level in emotional ‘feelings’ is the expression of an energy pouring from us (on frequencies outside of visible light) whenever we think or go into emotional states. This energy can then be trawled and absorbed by entities that exist within the frequency range of that energy – just beyond visible light.

This is what the other-dimensional Reptilians and others are doing – feeding off lower vibrational human emotion like fear, stress, worry, guilt, hatred etc. These are, in fact, all subdivisions of the one energy that we call fear.

The more that humans can be manipulated to feel and therefore generate the energy of fear, the more energetic sustenance is made available to these energy vampires. We hear about blood vampires, but what is blood? It is a massive conduit for human energy.

Humans have indeed been turned, as Morpheus said in The Matrix, into ‘one of these’:
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