Lady Somerset Belanoff: Illuminati Queen or wicked hoax?

OH no, she isn’t! Truthers have been engaged in a pantomime in recent weeks trying to answer the question that titles this article. It follows the emergence of websites making extraordinary claims on behalf of a mysterious individual by the name of Lady Somerset Belanoff and  organisations including the so-called World Governing Council of Wettin. […]

The Sacred Ground of Being…The Quintessence of Who We Are

We are amidst the most phenomenal shift of consciousness in the history of our planet, and of humanity’s journey on it. Day by day the external drama seems to ratchet up another notch. With the plandemonium, environmental degradation and the bankruptcy of the governing system, the shadow side is illuminating itself in all its outrageous […]

The essence of The Great Reset

Wikipedia: “John Dewey (October 20, 1859 – June 1, 1952) was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. He was one of the most prominent American scholars in the first half of the twentieth century…Dewey was one of the primary figures associated with the philosophy […]

Azealia Banks, American rapper, singer, songwriter and actress ‘declares her love’ for David Icke – written by a moron called Monika Barton and published by Microsoft so every word must be true then

Azealia Banks has declared she “loves” David Icke, an infamous conspiracy theorist known for his alien lizard people theories and being a Holocaust denier, who was recently removed from Facebook and Twitter for sharing misinformation about COVID-19.  Banks, who has had her fair share of controversy herself, shared a handwritten list on social media, captioned: “I didn’t […]

Ebola: the new fake outbreak

We’re being warned that a new Ebola outbreak is spreading. Yahoo News (February 26, 2021): “On Feb. 17, the World Health Organization reported a cluster of Ebola cases in Guinea…The Biden administration is moving forward with plans to screen airline passengers from two African countries arriving in the U.S. for Ebola…” Before yet another lunatic […]

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